Quiz Bowl Photos

These photos are from various quiz bowl tournaments I've organized or played in.

If you want to find out more about quiz bowl in Canada, goto the Canadian Academic Quiz League web page.

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Canadian Quiz Championship 1999

These are some pictures taken from CQC'99 hosted by University of Waterloo on February 6, 1999.

Participants arrive and wait in anticipation. (15.8kB)

Zhan trying to look important with his smiley face name tag and clipboard. (15.5kB)

Witness Relocation Program without Laura and Dave. At least they have Cartmen and Tigger. (12.5kB)

Mark of Waterloo Beta getting "in the zone." (14.5kB)

The control room with trusty stats man Milton at the computer, Ryan S cascaded with Ryan B. Zhan sits on his butt. (16.5kB)

Matt moderating a game between Waterloo Beta (left) and Waterloo Gamma (right). (14.9kB)

The victorious Kokomo Dragons of Western, looking smart. (11.4kB)

The victorious Kokomo Dragons of Western, looking not so smart. (12.2kB)

What is Mike doing? (12.7kB)

Ryan B moderating Queen's (left) vs. Waterloo Beta (right) (14.4kB)

Still don't know what Mike is doing. (9.53kB)

Zhan with the smiley face tag pretending to look busy. (14.8kB)


VETO Quiz Tournament

The inaugural Vancouver Estival Trivia Open (VETO), the first-ever quiz bowl tournament in western Canada, was held on Saturday, July 17, at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C.

Everyone except for me. (23.0kB) The killer B's, Bruce and Brock. (15.1kB)
Peter and Tara, discussing old times. (19.6kB)


Waterloo Quiz Bowl

Other Waterloo Quiz Bowl tournaments

Playing in our first tournament ever at Queen's. (Photo by Peter)

Waterloo Quiz Bowl hosts our first intramural, WatBowl.

The winners of every WatBowl hosted by Waterloo Quiz Bowl, Witness Relocation Program

The field at the 2000 NAQT sectional at the University of Washington - Seattle.


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