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©2000 Zhan Huan Zhou
Updated Sep-01-2000

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Recess Time

©2000 Zhan Huan Zhou, Spring 2000, Issue 1

Every morning at 7:45am, I wake up to a familiar voice. Half dazed, I reach out clumsily looking for that magic button, reaching out until I feel its familiar shape. That's right the snooze button on my clock radio. Every nine minutes I find myself making an excuse to get another nine minutes of blissful sleep. I finally get out of bed at 8:20am, giving me ten minutes to get ready and get to class. At about 8:45am, I find myself falling asleep to the lulling voice of the professor and wondering why I got out of bed for this lousy class. I'm sure that you can all share in my experience.

While I was at home between my last work term and this school term, I had to talk to my dentist's office just down the street. I take a shortcut through the park situated on the grounds of a public elementary school. As I approached, I say hundreds of small figures running around the soccer field, playing on the swings, and throwing baseballs. It was recess time. They were so carefree and full of boisterous energy. That image stuck with me as I continued my walk to the dentist's. At first, I was simply amused, reflecting upon my own childhood. I quickly ran down how I had gotten to where I was today. A sudden chill came over me - I realized that I was an adult. I no longer had recess time, nor that that carefree attitude nor that energy. I can barely wakeup on time for 8:30 class. Where did all that vibrant energy of youth disappear?

There is no clear answer. But the simple answer is that we have grown-up and matured. We have responsibilities to ourselves and to others. University is a real test of how well you will get along in the real world. However, with that being said, don't overburden yourself, especially with schoolwork. The last summer term I was here, I was in my 2B term. That term was absolutely horrid with labs left, right, and centre. I was hardly able to enjoy the beautiful weather. This term I have vowed to enjoy this summer since it will be my last one at the University of Waterloo with the friends I have made in the past five years. I've decided to relive some of my youth. I've set aside recess times where I'll hear the bell ring inside of my head where I will instantly stop what I'm doing and leap outside to play some tennis or ride my bicycle. I hope you'll do the same.

Now if I could only respond to my alarm clock like I do to the recess bell...