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©2000 Zhan Huan Zhou
Updated Jan-01-2000

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The Impossible Article

©1999 Zhan Huan Zhou, Spring 1998, Issue 3

Why are you here? How did you get here? Were you destined to be here or was it your choice? These are not questions of faith, or perhaps they are. What is important is that you are here now and the future is yet to come. Think of all the things in your life that had to happen for you to be reading this article now.

Let us start with the most recent event and work our way back. You opened up this issue of The Iron Warrior and somehow turned to this page. For some reason or another, you decided to read this article. Why did you even pick-up this copy of The Iron Warrior in the first place? Do you always read it or did the cover dazzle you just enough to read this issue? Let's go back even further. Why are you here at the University of Waterloo during the Spring 1998 term anyway? You had to choose this university and also be on the proper stream to be here right now. What made you choose Waterloo? For most people, I would assume that in high school, some factor influenced you to choose Waterloo. All this stuff about is all fine and dandy, but what about events that were completely out of your control?

This article had to exist somehow. I had to conceive this article at the proper time so that it would get into print this issue so that you could read it. Going further down this path, I had come to Waterloo so that I could get involved with The Iron Warrior to write this article. Skipping past many significant events in my life, my parents had to emigrate from China to Canada so that I would have the opportunity to come to Waterloo.

All of the events contributed to you reading this article. Just think if any one of the events mentioned in the previous two paragraphs did not occur, you would not be reading this article now. I could backtrack even further back in time and show many more significant events that had to happen to get to where we are right now. It truly is amazing how many things had to fall into place for this phenomenon to occur.

Getting back to my original point, who is really in control of your life? Is it you? Is it someone else? Is it God? When you think about it, it's incredible how many in your life happen that are completely out of your control.

This randomness of crossing paths is responsible for many great scientific discoveries, deciding winners of battles and ultimately, shaping the current state of the Earth and universe. Do we have a choice in what we do? Are we just satisfying quantum mechanical equations? Or perhaps we are being controlled by a greater entity.

Paths cross all the time, but always for a reason and only you can find that reason.